Monday, February 04, 2008

All But Republicans and Green Party Can Vote in Democratic Primary?

According to the Salt Lake Tribune:
Democrats and unaffiliated voters can cast ballots in that primary. (Members of other parties, such as the Green Party, will technically be considered unaffiliated voters, except for those registered in the Constitutional Party.)
And while we're at it:
Utah by the numbers
* 1,709,629 registered voters
* 1,043,905 independent (not affiliated with any party), 61 percent
* 538,305 Republicans, 31 percent
* 125,992 Democrats,
7 percent
* 1,427 Constitution Party, 1 percent

Rules of the game
* Independent (small i) voters have a choice. They can vote in the Democratic primary just by asking for a ballot. If they are willing to sign up as a Republican at the polls, they can vote in the GOP primary.
* Registered Republicans can vote only in the GOP primary; registered Democrats only in the Democratic primary.


  1. Actually, the Green Party info is false.
    The State of Utah no longer recognizes the Green Party. The only parties they recognize are Democratic, Republican, and Constitution.

  2. That's probably why they're considered unaffiliated.


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