Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Barack Needs Your Help Today!

I just got this email from Anne Filipic, the Obama Utah Director:
Today is Utah's chance to help make Barack Obama the next President. Please help us get as many people to the polls today as possible!

Three easy ways to do this:

2) Tell all your friends, neighbors and co-workers to go vote. Send out an email to your whole list, call through all the numbers in your cell phone, etc. There are a lot of people in Utah who still don't realize that today is the presidential primary and the best person to tell them why they need to go vote for Barack is YOU!
3) Help us make calls and knock on doors to Obama supporters. Call 801-886-2262 or come down to our office at 1747 South 900 West in SLC if you can help out. (We also have locations in Park City, Ogden, and St. George if you are closer to any of those locations and want to help out there.)

There is a lot of support for Barack in Utah but it won't mean anything if we don't get our supporters to go VOTE! We'll be on the phones and the doors all the way through 8pm, when doors close. Please help us help Barack!!


  1. Misty - great work...I wish I could do more (I work full-time and I'm a grad student). But I did what I could - I pushed the touchscreen (not quite as poetic as "pulled the lever") for Barack, and I've been trying to explain to many friends and relatives why Barack is the way to go.
    I don't know how persuasive I was, but my stepfather did vote for Barack...

  2. Everything counts, Andrew. It has from the beginning of this campaign, and whether convincing one other person to vote for Change, or talking to hundreds about it, you are doing your part. There's a lot to do, but the thing is, if we all pitch in what we can, it will happen. And that's exactly why we are united for Barack.


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