Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Generation Obama Launch

Generation Obama Salt Lake City launched last Saturday, with about 25 people in attendance at the BBQ. Most of the faces were familiar, though we did meet a couple of new people. We all signed public supporter cards, so the campaign can use our names as endorsers. Here are most of the children who were in attendance:


Drake, Preston, Victoria and Autumn all made their own "Kids for Obama" t-shirts, and Chase wore the extra one I made. They all spent time designing and coloring their own Obama signs at the BBQ, too.


This shows most of the attendees, including Ivonna, the "Momma for Obama" who was featured in news reports during the sign-making for the Obama rally recently. Ivonna also arranged for us to have PA equipment for the BBQ, allowing everyone to hear Barack during the Generation Obama conference call, and to listen to music during the BBQ.


Maria and Kim sit near while Autumn and Chase work on their Obama signs.


I'm guessing they were watching Theo grill, hoping the food would hurry and get done!

This BBQ generated a lot of excitement, and great ideas, and also served as a good time to have an impromptu steering committee meeting. The purpose of Generation Obama, GO, is to get the younger generation involved in the campaign, and allow them to use their excitement and energy to help transform the nation. We will be having a fundraiser at a local club on September 14 or 15. Theo will be announcing the details, soon. Theo will also be organizing the contact information that we have, so that it can be better used by our group and for mobilizing voters for the primary on February 5.

A big "thanks" goes to Mark, Nikki, Theo, Ivonna, Strider and Jenee for helping put the event together, and set it up. We have an amazing group, and the Obama campaign even knows it, considering that Barack specifically pointed out that SLC was one of the limited number of cities who were invited to participate in the GO launch. 

I hope that anyone interested in being part of Generation Obama will join the group. You don't have to be "under 40", as long as you're young at heart!