Friday, August 31, 2007

Another one falls

Think Progress says CNN is reporting that Tony Snow is stepping down. Dana Perino will be taking his place as Chief Propagandist, aka President's Liar to the Public.

The Bush administration has begun it's fall, and there aren't many left to go.

On a side note, Snow is saying he's leaving because he needs to make more money. Here's Snow a year ago, regarding his salary:
MR. SNOW: I think my salary's like $162,000 or $163,000.

Beyond the fact that he's obviously making well above the average American's salary, I find it interesting that Snow's reaction to cancer is that he needs to make more money.

Let's compare that to Elizabeth Edwards. The first time she was diagnosed, right at the end of her husband's presidential campaign:
Well, I have, you know, told the doctor when we met her, I said, ‘I have 40 years of plans.’ I need 40 years, you know? That's all I'm asking you for is another 40, because I've got so much that I want to do. We'll stay here and get treatment through the end of the school year. At about the end of the school year, we'll sell the house in Washington and move back to North Carolina with-- bought some land in a rural area next to a farm with cows and a creek and a pond. And the kids can grow up in the kind of surroundings that we think are going to be really healthy for them. And continue to get my follow-up treatments down there. And we'll see what life has to offer.

And recently, about the time her husband announced his '08 bid:
“We’ve been confronted with these kind of traumas and struggles already in our life,” Edwards said. “When this happens you have a choice — you can go and cower in the corner or you can go out there and be tough.”

Elizabeth Edwards added: “We’re always going to look for the silver lining — it’s who we are as people.”

I can't help but notice the difference, and while I'm not campaigning for John Edwards, I respect that he and his wife chose what was more important to them. They clung to what mattered. And Tony Snow has also clung to what matters to him. The money. Just a little confirmation about why I've never trusted him.