Friday, July 13, 2007

Put Bush in a tent in Congo

This is just too funny not to post. The Daily Background is reporting that McCain's campaign must be even more cash-strapped than reported earlier this week. McCain's Florida Co-Chair was arrested after offering an undercover policeman oral sex for $20 in a public restroom. The story gets better, offering many opportunities for puns, but I'll leave those to your own imagination.

On another note, and not at all funny like US Politics are, the BBC has this sad story:
Human rights activists have criticised the organisers of a music festival in the Republic of Congo for housing pygmy musicians in a tent at a zoo.

Other artists at the Festival of Pan-African Music (Fespam) are staying in hotels in the capital, Brazzaville.

The organisers say the grounds of Brazzaville zoo are closer to the pygmies' natural habitat.

It seems so foreign to me that anyone could think this was ok! Granted, I do want to impeach Bush and Cheney, and sent them off to Guantanamo, but that's a different story. Whose brilliant idea was it to put a tent up in the zoo and tell these people they belonged there? It doesn't seem that it could even be an act of stupidity, to me. It was either done out of meanness, or bigotry. Either way is inexcusable. And the story goes downhill from there:
Roger Bouka Owoko from the Congolese Observatory of Human Rights said the pygmies were having to collect firewood in the zoo to cook their food, and were being stared at and filmed by tourists and passers-by.

On a better note, JM Bell has 100 reasons why Kirk is better than Picard. I'm not saying I agree with all of them, but #59, 55, 22, 18 and 3 are pretty good.