Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miscellaneous Commentary for the Day

KSL has yet another "bottled water" story for us. This one is titled "Bottled Water Policy Leads to Controversy with Some Firefighters", but in reading the story, I don't see where the controversy is. I'm left to guess that KSL is imagining it, because it was a slow news day.

Matt Groenig clarified a few things in his interview on The Daily Show. I hope you'll watch the video, but here are the two things he said that really turned the light bulb on for me:
We actually think that keeping Bart 10 is really good. Because we think that his teen years are going to be ... not so good. We think that he will be tried as an adult.

We love biting the hand that feeds us. We love attacking Fox. Yes. It's really good. But let me clarify. There are many suction cups on tentacles of the News Corp octopus. we're a little suction cup at The Simpsons. But we've gotten in trouble for attacking Fox News, for instance. We had an espisode in which we had Fox News and we had the little news crawl, and that was one of our favorite moments. "Albert Einstien + Brad Pitt = Dick Cheney". That was one of them. "Rupert Murdoch, terrific dancer". We have been forbidden to do that again, because the Fox viewer might confuse our cartoon with actual news.

That's all, folks.