Wednesday, September 12, 2007

"Upgrading" to XP (Warning: Geek Speak)

This one probably won't interest anyone, except maybe a techie or two, but I have to vent!

I'm starting a new job tomorrow, and the contracting agency was going to supply me with a laptop, because the company I'll be working for will take a couple of weeks to get me set up with one. I said I could use my laptop, and then realized I'd need XP, but I had Vista installed.

I've been meaning to "upgrade" to XP since I bought the laptop, but haven't had the time. Since I took today off between the jobs, it was the perfect time!

First things first, before I began the install, I copied important files to the "restore" partition, and downloaded the wireless drivers. Everything went smoothly. Until I tried to find the video driver.

The video driver wasn't listed on HP's driver page. I went to nVidia's site, where I tried several different drivers, as well as the "discovery" feature, and it kept telling me I didn't have any hardware that worked with it. A couple hours searching through the web, and apparently, I'm the only one with this particular problem. However, someone had a similar problem with a Conexant audio driver, and they tried "updating" the driver, and telling it the location. So, I decided to give it a shot, and lo and behold: I'm finally viewing the "internets" without distortion or ugly page re-rendering! w00t!