Friday, September 21, 2007

Pete Ashdown to be featured speaker tonight

KCPW says Pete Ashdown is going to be a featured speaker for tonight's Peace Vigil and War Protest in honor of International Peace Day. The event is being put on by Mormons for Equality and Social Justice, as well as Radical Action Against War.

The event is being held outside of Orrin Hatch's office in Provo at 7 PM tonight (Sept 21). The address is 51 South University Avenue in Provo.
Pete Ashdown, the Democratic challenger for Hatch's senate seat in 2006, will be a featured speaker. He says he'll take the opportunity to emphasize the last phrase of the Pledge of Allegiance, "and justice for all":

"I think that's not just ‘and justice for Americans,' I believe that's justice for everybody on the Earth. I want people to think about justice for people coming home from the war, people who have lost loved ones in the war, people who are in Guantanamo without trial, people in Iraq who have lost loved ones and the numbers of deaths and casualties we've had all around."

I wonder if Hatch will call them nutcakes again? I love that Pete put the Nutcake bumper stickers out during his campaign. It's definitely become a badge of honor, and I (to this day) have people honk and wave at me because of my Nutcake bumper sticker.


  1. OMG please write a new post already. The anticipation is nearly killing me here.

  2. Ok, ok! I just got a new job and moved, so I keep wanting to. I'm working on one that is a collection of Republican quotes I found from the 90's, like Cheney saying we shouldn't go to war, and Hannity saying that innocent people die so he couldn't support a war. I'm still finding sources, though. But, just for you, I'll get it done ASAP.


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