Monday, September 17, 2007

Generation Obama Countdown for Change Fundraiser

Saturday night, the Utah chapter of Generation Obama held a fundraiser at The Woodshed. It was a wonderful success, and a great time!

The suggested donation to the Obama campaign was $5, or $12 if you wanted food, too. Many people donated more, and some purchased t-shirts. I think that the total campaign donations we recieved were around $500, though I'm not certain yet how many people contributed. The idea behind Countdown for Change was that we had a goal of raising $1 for each day left until the Nevada Primary (since Nevada is one of the first 4 "Primary States"), so our goal was $126. We blew that out of the water! And had a good time doing it!

Here are a few photos of setting up:

This is Benny, the owner of The Woodshed, who offered to host the fundraiser to support Senator Obama. Much thanks to him for all of the effort he put into the event! On the right is Paul Lohrenz, who has offered to loan us PA equipment for future Obama events.

Photos of us enjoying the Generation Obama event:

Rob Miller, Vice Chair of the Utah State Democratic Party, speaking to us about becoming more involved with the Utah State Democrats, and how to become a Delegate to the National Convention next year:
IMG_0761 IMG_0762

This was a very fun event, and I look forward to Bowling for Change, which will be the next Generation Obama event, October 19. And if you'd like to learn about the process of becoming a Delegate, the process is listed here.

P.S. If you'd like to help Utah for Obama reach the group fundraising goal of $5,000, click here to donate.