Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Congress, I'm Watching

I can't wait to get this set up on my blog. "Congress, I'm watching" is the latest widget created by Open Congress to encourage citizen awareness and interaction with Congress. You can display your support or opposition to any bill, and it provides a quick link to the bill's page on OpenCongress.org, so you can quickly find out if there's been any activity. They also provide RSS feeds, if you use a reader, that allow you to track the bill, as well as news or blog coverage about it.

On an unrelated note, while trying to find an option that would allow me to put JavaScript in my blog so I could paste their sample in, I clicked "Post Options" where the default was set to disallow comments. That might explain why I haven't had a soul comment on my blog in months, though I know I've got at least one or two readers out there. *sigh*

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