Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Red-Faced States: A Preview of Tonight

From ThinkProgress:
The Dallas News reports that already, polling places are experiencing a “crush” of voters for today’s primary elections. The Texas Secretary of State office said that “early voters last week had already surpassed the total early-voting numbers for both the 1996 and 2000 elections,” and that interest is expected to continue today. GOP polling sites, however, “were not as busy.”

I think maybe no one wants to be seen voting for a Republican, even in red states. Thanks to Mark for the witty reply that I turned into the title.

I've said over and over since this started that record turnout was the only prediction I would make. And it seems that record turnout on the Democratic side has been the theme through every state so far, and again in Texas. This is bad news for Hillary, I think.

I'm hosting a Watch Party tonight at Mo Diggity's, and plan to live blog from the party (my first attempt at such a thing). Let me know what you think as the results come in, and I'll share with the crowd.

And if you want first-hand information on what it's been like in Texas, read this entry by a guy who's been in my hometown of Sugarland, TX (aka Houston).

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