Friday, May 26, 2006

Divine Strake Postponed "Indefinitely"!

According to, the Divine Strake test has been postponed again, this time indefinitely. Initially scheduled for June 2, 2006, it was postponed a few weeks ago "until at least June 23". The Spectrum, a St. George news site, said that the National Nuclear Security Administration sent out a press release indicating that "the Nevada Site Office of the NNSA will withdraw its Finding of No Significant Impact related to the environmental assessment for the test". I have been unable to find this press release online to verify that statement.

I am personally very much against Divine Strake, unless it can be proven that there is no chance that even one person will experience harm as a result of the test. I find it highly likely that it could kick up radioactive materials from the nuclear testing that went on just over a mile away in the 50's and 60's. I also find it rather ironic that we've spent so much time in Iraq looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction, when we're testing WMDs on US soil. But, regardless of anyone's feelings towards the war in Iraq, I think everyone should be concerned that it will create more "Downwinders". It could be, it could be my kids, it could be someone I'll never meet that lives in Nevada or surrounding states. I don't think they can prove that there is no risk of radioactive material surfacing as a result of the blast, and subsequent 10,000 foot mushroom cloud expected as a result.

This explosion is a "bunker buster", which is designed to penetrate the ground and go after underground facilities. The nuclear testing from the 50's and 60's was done all over Nevada, and one known site of this testing, which is a radioactive hotspot, was a mere 1.1 miles away. The reason this site was chosen was for the limestone tunnel below.